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How HCG diet injections are used

How HCG diet injections are usedThe HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet uses injections to administer the hormone as one option, and some potential dieters express concern about self-administering shots (for the programs that require self-injection). Hormone shots are known to be a safe way to deliver an active hormone such as HCG, testosterone, HGH, or others, and self-administration can be taught easily through online training.

They are used for hormone treatment programs because they are the most effective way to increase blood levels within a short period of time. In particular, it is known that the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is best administered with injections, as they have been studied more extensively than other delivery methods such as sub-lingual drops. They are just one option however, most diet providers offer at least sublingual drops or dissolving pellets that avoid the trouble of learning how to inject the hormone.

Are the HCG injections safe?

The injections are safe when they are purchased at a licensed pharmacy. There are several companies that have started selling the hormone without a license and these companies are not operating with any state or federal government oversight. Because of the lack of oversight these companies may be selling products that are dangerous or ineffective, and in many cases they do so unknowingly.

They normally use overseas sources that may not even be registered to operate in their home country, and the companies that sell their shots online often don’t know the exact ingredients in their products. Anytime there is any uncertainty with something that needs to be completely pure like a hormone it is not ideal at all, and companies that do not know where they get their hormones from or cannot prove that their products are pure should be avoided at all costs.

The shots come with a protocol and instructions

Most legitimate diet providers will offer detailed information on how to use the injections with a detailed HCG diet protocol and injection instructions. Videos are helpful for showing how to self-inject the hormone, however speaking to a medical professional about the process is just as important. The details of how to use the injection kit is normally explained during the initial medical consultation, and because the process is simple it can be explained through telemedicine rather than having to visit a physician office.

The injections are shipped unmixed to avoid refrigeration, and there are simple mixing instructions that are used to prepare them. Once they have been mixed they must be refrigerated, and there are instructions for measuring the correct amount of hormone, information on where to inject the hormone, and more.

HCG shots may make the diet more effective

Again, other formats for the hormone like the pellets and drops are not as heavily studied as the HCG injections. For dieters that don’t mind the small amount of pain that the shots come with, it is worth it because they are known to work the best for the diet. It isn’t that the pellets and drops don’t work, they just need to be at a higher concentration. The injectable form moves throughout the body faster which may be better for weight loss. It is worth it to try the injectable form of the hormone out initially and see how it works.

Most people can inject the hormone without any problems, and the needle used is very small and barely noticeable. Dieters have experienced significant results using the injectable form, but results are also seen with the pellets and drops. In some cases dieters cannot use them because they don’t have the time or may be traveling, and in that case it is useful to have the pellets which do not need refrigeration, or the drops which are faster to take. Dieters should not be intimidated by the idea of self-injections because tens of thousands of people have used them without any issues at all, and at companies like Nu Image Medical there are experienced medical providers who can help them through the process.

All About Dealing with Drug Shortages

How We Should Deal with Drug Shortages

drug shortages

Drug shortages not only affect the health of patients, but the economy of any given country as well. This crisis demands both the attention and collaboration of everyone involved, including health care providers, legislators, pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers, distributors and regulators. Drug shortages affect not more than 1% of all medications on the market, and majority of them involve generic drugs. There are those biopharmaceutical firms that have put measures to prevent shortage of drugs in advance, and have been working closely with the Food and Drugs Administration to prevent manufacturing interruptions.


How Patients should Deal with Drug Shortages

It is crucial for patients to be aware of the steps that they should take in case they anticipate or are already experiencing drug shortages. The best thing for a concerned patient to do is to visit the FDA’s Current Drug Shortages page to check whether the drug they are using has been reported to be in short

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supply. Patients can also talk to their health care providers about other alternatives that might be an effectual replacement.


How Manufacturer’s should Deal

In case a drug shortage is anticipated, a generic manufacturer or innovator should notify FDA so that the problem can be addressed, averted or mitigated. In the instance that the only version of a medically crucial medication is going to be pulled off the market, the manufacturer should notify the Food and Drug Administration 6 months in advance. When predictable drug shortages are addressed early, both manufacturers and healthcare providers can be in a good position to identify treatment alternatives that are more effective.


FDA and Shortages

FDA holds the responsibility of providing regulations and also approving drugs. This institution can help prevent or deal with drug shortages by facilitating fast approval of new drugs that have been medically tested and proven to serve as alternatives to drugs that are on the shortage list. FDA should cooperate with drug manufacturing companies, as well as with health care organizations to ensure that shortages are brought to a minimal, or avoided altogether.



Whenever drug shortages occur or when they are anticipated, some secondary wholesalers take advantage of the situation and cause the problem of price gouging. This practice is unacceptable as it largely compromises the well-being of affected patients. The manufacturer of the drugs in shortage may not have any control or influence over the prices by these scrupulous wholesalers, thus have no way of protecting the patients. Such wholesalers are largely advised to shun away from the heinous practice in order to prevent the situation from getting worse.


Research Groups & Companies Can Help Prevent Drug Shortages

There are some research groups and companies that are deeply concerned about patients’ welfare and are devoted to uphold good manufacturing practices. Whenever drug shortages are anticipated or are experienced, these groups and companies collaborate with FDA, health care providers, patients and supply chain partners to find effective solutions before the situation gets out of hand.


A final word

There is something that the stakeholders can do in order to prevent or deal with drug shortages. If each of them plays their part and ensures that the situation is prevented from getting out of hand, the drug shortage problem can finally be referred to as a problem of the past. Cooperation between stakeholders is also highly advised, as a problem shared, is considered to be a problem solved.

What To Know About HCG Diet Dangers

hcg diet

The HCG diet is one of the safest diets currently available and has very few risks. The only way to ensure that the diet is completely safe is to consult with a medical professional prior to starting. Many providers do not offer this important consultation, which puts the patient at risk.

There are risks with some of the online diet companies that sell HCG because they lack medical oversight or an understanding of the diet. Many providers sell human chorionic gonadotropin without a medical consultation and without a prescription. This is risky because there are some people who need to have their diet adjusted for their unique medical condition or health status.

The diet is not for everyone

Although the vast majority of people can participate in the HCG diet without any problems, it can be dangerous for some. Not everyone can safely participate in a very low calorie diet, and for those people there may be alternatives available. Weight loss injections are one alternative that some may need to use, or they may need a modified version due to a higher daily calorie requirement as a result of a medical condition.

Retailers who sell the hormone without giving the patient a medical consultation or without a prescription are taking a major risk. Patients who start the diet without a medical consultation may put their health in danger if they have a health condition that may be affected by a very low calorie diet.

These patients will also usually receive minimal if any information about the appropriate protocol and how they should properly use the hormone from their provider. Simply put, you should never buy HCG injections from retailers that don’t have the experience or medical background to give educated advice.

There are few if any real HCG diet dangers

The truth is that the diet has few if any real risk associated with it. Some people think that it is dangerous because of how quickly the weight loss occurs. It does offer rapid weight loss of up to 45 pounds or more in 46 days or 15 or more pounds in 26 days, but this has never been shown to be unsafe. The hormone diet is carefully designed so that the weight loss does not occur too quickly, but fast enough to see results within the three or six week timeframe.

The HCG hormone is given at a very small amount each day

The hormone is given in extreme moderation, at a daily dose of just 125 to 200 IU depending on the patient and other factors. It is carefully controlled and prescribed in small amounts, however it is proven to be safe to use even at high amounts.

There are no known side effects at this dosage level, and a small dose is sufficient to cause the fat burning effects associated with the diet. HCG is naturally produced by pregnant women in quantities up to 100,000 mIU/mL or more. It does not have side effects for pregnant women even at this level, and the same goes for non-pregnant women and men who use human chorionic gonadotropin.

To avoid risks with the human chorionic gonadotropin diet use a reputable provider


To avoid the HCG diet dangers associated with subpar providers, be sure to only start it after a medical consultation. Make sure that your diet provider has the medical staff to review your health and ability to tolerate a VLCD. You should also receive information on how to use the hormone at home, and you should only be able to buy HCG after you have been

given a prescription by a licensed medical professional.

Find out more on the HCG Diet

How To Stop Hair Loss?


There are several things that become the causes of hair loss. Stresses, wrong meditation, pollution, mineral deficiency, are some of the prime reasons that lead to hair loss. Apart from that wearing caps and helmet can be the cause of hair loss. In recent studies, it is found that one third people of the world are suffering from this problem and women are in huge numbers. Whatever the reason of hair loss, it is important to learn about the problem before it becomes a major problem. Here are some of the tips that can help you to stop your hair loss.

Do Special Care of Your Health

In today’s polluted environment, where hairs have to deal with various kinds of chemical filled dust, it becomes essential to treat them with extra care. Although, there is no guarantee that after that you hairs will stop falling, but there are greater chances that the rate of hairs fall will decrease. You have to provide your hairs the chances to stay with the top conditions. The very first thing that you to dye your hair, you can use natural dye in spite of using chemical filled dyes, which may decrease the strength of your hair.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

In your day to day life, you have to move from one place to another through any vehicle. Like your skin, your hair has to deal with dust and pollution. You have to keep one thing in your mind that if your skin needs wash regularly, your hair needs that too. Always be gentle with your hair and wash them regularly. A good quality shampoo can help you to remove dust from your hair and keep

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infection away from them. Apart from that you have to keep some other essential things in your mid. After washing your hair, don’t brush them immediately. Apart from using a brush, you can use a comb with wide teeth.

Don’t Live in Stress

Stress not only damages your body, but your hair too. If you are going through hair loss, stress may be the cause. Don’t give so much stress to your mind. Be sure that you are having a good sleep. In order to get good health, make sure that you sleep for eight hours. Apart from that, keeping stress away from your mind, you can enrol in some kinds of exercises. It is one of the best stress reduction strategies.

Eat Healthy

To prevent your hair from hair loss, you have to add foods in your diet that have protein, iron, vitamin C, Omega 3 and zinc in high amount. All these things can be helpful in keeping your hair healthy and strong. Fruit, green vegetables, beans, salad, baked potatoes are some of the foods that are high in healthy nutrients.

Create a Wellness Plan to Achieve Your Personal Wellness


A wellness plan is an action that helps you to achieve the greatest heights of your personal wellness. If you are feeling yourself well, you are satisfied from your inner side. There are several types of aspects and dimensions that are helpful in generating the personal wellness. All types of aspects are joined together to make a perfect tailored plan for wellness. If you do not have that plan, then you should create it without wasting a single minute of your time. Here are the steps that you should follow.

Measure Your Wellness

The very first thing that you should do is to measure your own wellness. You have to assess your emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, mental, physical and medical wellness. To make a perfect plan, it is essential to consider all these aspects and join them all. In emotional wellness, you have to check that how you deal with your feelings. Your relationship, stress and happiness are the major things that play a vital role in your emotional wellness. On the other side, the spiritual wellness considers that what is the meaning of life for you and how you are fit into it. Other types of wellness consider various other aspects.

Identify the Areas Where You Want To Improve

Remember that you can’t cheat yourself. You have to be honest with yourself. You have to find out that how much satisfied you are from the things or life you have. If you think that there are wellness areas where you need improvement then you should design a plan, by which you can tailor your wellness strategies.

Set Goals to Improve Yourself

There are several things you can do to improve the wellness of your life. Once you identify those areas, set goals to ache them. You need to feel that you have to work on them. In order to do so, write down your specific goals to achieve in every area that may lead you towards the greatest way of life. You can also set time period to achieve that goal, it will make you even better.

Keep the Record of the Progress

Remember that success will not arrive accidently. It will happen slowly and steadily. You have to keep the record of your progress. At particular intervals of times, take the record of your progress. It will not only tell you that how far you are from achieving the goal but also motivate you to achieve it. In order to do so, you can mark the important dates and checkpoints in the calendar for the purpose of personal wellness.

Update Your Goal

In the process of developing personal wellness, you may find out that the way that you have taken is taking so much time, then you can also update your goal. With each and every step, monitor your goal, so that you can find out that how much more efforts you need to put on in order to achieve your goal.

8 Remarkable Benefits of Black Tea


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Black tea is one of the extensively consumed tea. The tea is obtained from through the leaves of Camellia sinesis. The leaves give stronger flavour than other verities of tea. Because of the colour of the tea, the name is given black tea. It is great to add black in the diet chart as it has several kinds of health benefits. The enhanced oxidation of leaves of the tea makes them higher in caffeine and more flavourful. Here are several other health benefits of this black tea.

  1. Prevent Cancer

The black tea contains antioxidants, which is helpful in preventing the formation of potential carcinogens inside the body that results in keeping diseases like cancers away. Black tea helps in preventing cancers like stomach, breast and prostate cancer. Apart from that, the tea can decrease the chances of oral cancer in those people who consume tobacco products.

  1. Helpful for Cardiovascular System

Several recent researches have shown that taking black tea helps in preventing the onset of cardiovascular problem. The antioxidants available in the tea aid to prevent the LDL cholesterol from being oxidized.

  1. Maintaining Oral Health

The black tea contains catechin antioxidant, which is beneficial in lowering the risks of oral cancers. Apart from that, black tea also has fluoride in it, which helps in fighting bad breath and other harmful bacteria. Two cups of black coffee a day are good for oral health.

  1. Boost Immune System

In today’s modern world, where we spend most of time in dust and pollution, it is important to boost the immune system in any way possible. In order to fight with various viruses and bacteria that may be the cause of various kind of illness, black tea is a perfect source.

  1. Helpful in Digestion

Black tea contains tannin in it, which is helpful in keeping digestive system in proper working format. Apart from that, the polyphenols available in the black tea aid to lower the intestinal inflammation that becomes the origin of prickly bowel syndrome.

  1. Nervous System Simulation

The low level of caffeine present in the black tea becomes helpful in promoting the blood flow to the brain in the safest way. The amino acid present in the black tea helps to concentrate and relax. If a person consumes two to three cups a day for a month, the stress level of that person will go down.

  1. Tissue Heath

The back tea has powerful phytochemicals that are helpful to strengthen the connective tissues and bones. In a study, it is found that people that consume black tea have stronger bones than the individuals, who don’t!

  1. To Lose Weight

If you are trying to lose your weight, you should add black tea in your diet plan as it is extremely helpful in losing the extra fat of the body. As well know that black tea has sodium, calories and fat in low amount, so it can be helpful in losing the weight.